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Solar Panels

Get a solar panel system that is ideal for your home, business or cabin. Start saving today!

Solar Panels & Packages

Solar Panels are more popular now than ever before.   The technology has improved greatly over the years and the solar panels have become more affordable making it accessible to more people than ever before.  

At Auto World, we offer individual solar panels, batteries, inverters, soplar cables and control chargers. Or you can order one of our solar panel systems.

Basic Package:  3 solar panels, 8 batteries, inverter, control cable 

Advanced Package: 4 solar panels, 16 batteries, inverter, control cable

Solar power just makes good financial sense and it is a reliable way to offset your electricity use from the grid.  To learn more about our solar panels and packages, call us today at 709-489-4605.


Solar Makes Sense Financially

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